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Actuarial University

Actuarial University

Actuarial University is a completely reimagined platform designed for your custom needs. This highly interactive learning center hosts all of the best study tools around a central Dashboard system that helps you manage and navigate your studies. Currently available for SOA Exams P, FM, and IFM, ACTEX and ASM materials have been meticulously catalogued by Topics, providing users with a fast and easy way to drill into more topic detail amongst all licensed, Integrated products. This unique system is accessed through individual study tools marked with our network icon or directly through the topic search feature on each dashboard and the left hand navigation menu. And finally, Actuarial University's one-of-a-kind Community brings you together with students, professionals, professors, authors and instructors, regardless of company, university, publisher, author, or course, about all things "actuarial." (or not!) Check it out!

Your Path To Success!

Unique Features for You:

Whether studying for a class, an exam, or a module, our Dashboards provide key space to organize your time and your resources in a way that is simple and efficient.

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Your chosen exam sitting.
Your GOAL Score.
Your Actuarial University Profile.
Site Announcements.
Visit the community hub to ask and answer questions.
Search available study materials by topic.

Integration is a system of organization by exam-related topics that enables custom, focused study.

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The topic search feature allows you to search all integrated study materials for instances of a certain concept.

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Create a custom study schedule to stay on track.

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Connect and network in the only community for actuaries that is inclusive of all your materials and levels of experience.

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Sign up for one-on-one career counseling, free of charge, with a focus on the specific areas in which you would like to grow your career.

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Learn About the
Actuarial Career

  • What is an actuary?
  • Why its a great career
  • How to get started

Learn Strategies To:

  • Get noticed by recruiters
  • Rise above the competition
  • Identify needed skills

Improve Your Resumé

  • Match experience with employer's hiring criteria
  • Highlight keywords and skills
  • Develop a strategy to address weaknesses

Learn Strategies To:

  • Identify the most likely
  • Network effectively
  • Overcome visa issues

Learn Strategies To:

  • Prepare and practice
  • Master difficult questions
  • Excel at behavioral interviews

Practice with our
Career Advisor

  • 30-minute interview roleplay session
  • Recieve an interview critique
  • Gain confidence through

Learn Strategies To:

  • Manage the job offer process
  • Negotiate compensation
  • Handle a counteroffer

Cover Letters

  • Best practices
  • What to include/not include
  • Why they help you get hired

Learn Strategies To:

  • Leverage your non-actuarial
    work experience
  • Develop a strategy to help you address weaknesses
  • Why they help you get hired