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New eBook & Digital Content Reader Instructions

Digital Manuals can now be accessed from any device, online or off-line. Just visit the My Account/My Learning Tools section of the Actuarial Bookstore website to begin. Our new eReader lets you write and print notes, comments & annotations as well as underline, cross out, and highlight text.

To access a digital content file for the first time, you will need to have access to the Internet and your email. Please check your email to make sure you’ve received an email from us containing a keycode for your digital content. If you have not received an email and have placed your order within regular business hours, please check your spam and junk mail folders. Some internet service providers will reroute emails containing attachments or downloadable material.

If you are not signed into your ActuarialBookstore.com account, sign in to your account. Once you are already signed into your ActuarialBookstore.com account, you can access your learning tools via the top navigation menu path My Account: My Learning Tools. Clicking My Learning Tools item will bring you to ActuarialLearning.com; and you will already be logged in with your Bookstore account. Alternatively, from the home page you can click on the e-Learning Portal block image.

Once you are signed into the ActuarialLearning.com e-Learning Portal, a grey notification should appear at the top asking you to enter a new access key. This is the keycode that was sent to you via email. Enter the code and select “Update.”

After you’ve entered the keycode, the title of your digital content will be listed under My Learning Tools. Clicking on the title will bring you to your content home page. Newly assigned DRM-protected digital content will be shown in a gold title bar. Clicking on the title will activate your DRM content and the button will turn green, confirming the product has been activated.

Clicking on the green button will bring you to the Digital Document reader in your browser. Your digital content will now be available online, offline using a desktop offline player (5-day limit, see instructions below), or on a mobile device.

In order to access your digital content online, you must first access it via ActuarialLearning.com as detailed above. Once you are in the Digital Document reader in your web browser, select this button from the top nav:

DRM Offline Reader Download Button

This will open the Offline Player Desktop App Download prompt which will contain an activation code. Keep this window open as you will need to copy the key in a few steps.

Download the Desktop App and install using your device’s operating system prompts.

After installation, click “Finish” to launch the Offline Player. Select the Activation Code option on Offline Player Desktop App’s login screen, and copy/paste the activation code from the App Download prompt screen to activate the application (this is a one-time process).

After activation, your files will be displayed in the Offline Player Desktop App’s Library list, where you can download them for viewing offline and printing (when applicable).