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Customized learning with GOAL

GOAL Practice Questions, Quizzes and Simulated Exams

GOAL is a way for students to practice what they've learned in class or from independent study using textbooks and study manuals. The online platform offers a database of exam-style problems with detailed solutions, 3 learning modes (Practice, Quiz, Simulated Exams) and 3 levels of difficulty (Core, Advanced and Mastery). You control your learning mode, difficulty level and topics.

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GOAL Instructional Videos

GOAL offers FREE instructional videos! Topic-by-topic, follow the exam syllabi.

  • Exam P (21 Hours / 70 Topics)
  • Exam FM (9 Hours / 50 Topics)
  • Exam IFM (9 Hours / 64 Topics)
  • Exam STAM (12 Hours / 70 Topics)
  • Exam LTAM (15 Hours / 80 Topics)
  • Exam SRM (6.6 Hours / 43 Topics)

Students may also sign up for a free 1-day trial of GOAL.

Access GOAL through StudyPlus+ on actuariallearning.com.

*Authorized retailers include The Actuarial Bookstore, ACTEX Learning, or university bookstores.

GOAL Score

GOAL Score is a measurement of how prepared you are to pass your exam that suits any study approach. For exam P, you will need a score of 70 or above. Your score is broken into categories, allowing you to study efficiently by concentrating on problem areas. GOAL Score measures your strengths and weaknesses by category, topic, and level of difficulty.Your GOAL Score gauges your exam readiness not only by taking into account your performance on GOAL, but your consistency as well.

GOAL Score Screen Preview   GOAL Score Details Screen Preview