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Adobe eBook Troubleshooting

Adobe Digital Editions is available for download on Windows, Linux and MAC computers. DRM protected files are also available on some portable devices, like an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc. For a list of all supported devices, please visit http://blogs.adobe.com/aemmobile/supported-devices

To access a DRM file, you will need to have access to the Internet and a browser other than Internet Explorer. IE does not support DRM file downloads. The Internet is only necessary to download the document. You do not need to have Internet access to view the eProduct once it is downloaded.

If a DRM eContent email is sent to a Hotmail, MSN or live.com email address, you will not be able to simply click on the DRM download link. Those (and other web-based email) clients will attempt to download the Adobe license file (.acsm), but the link will be modified by the email reader which will lead to an error when you try to open it with the Adobe Digital Editions software.

You must be able to install free software (Adobe Digital Editions) or a compatible application (like DL Reader by Datalogics) to the device(s) you plan to use. This may require you to have administrative rights or assistance from your IT department.

Use Adobe.com or your App store to download the most recent version of the application to your device. Please be sure to download the application AND authorize it with an Adobe ID of your choosing BEFORE downloading DRM protected materials from their delivery email links. These links include those emailed to you during check-out or those created on the eLearning portal.

You may download the Adobe Digital Editions software here.

An Adobe ID is an email address (username) and password combination that you register with Adobe.com. See below on how to acquire an ID of your own.

Go to www.adobe.com > Choose SIGN IN > Under the "Sign In" button, select "Get an Adobe ID", and complete the sign up form.

Please visit www.adobe.com > Choose SIGN IN > and then "Forgot Password" in blue under the Password field.

This username and password combination is required to authorize your Adobe Digital Editions software or ADE compatible applications on ALL devices where you plan to read/access your ADE library contents. This required step for license authentication must take place on each device before downloading the DRM protected file(s) from the delivery email or eLearning portal.

Open the software and select the "Help" menu in the top navigation bar. Scroll down and select "Authorize Computer". It may ask for your Vendor ID, please select "Adobe ID" and enter the username and password combination you registered with Adobe. DO NOT authorize the device without an Adobe ID; this will prohibit you from having access to the material on other devices.

If your license permits printing, you will only be able to PRINT the protected content from the FIRST device you download to. However, most licenses allow you to view or access the eContent on up to six devices total, provided they are all authorized to the same Adobe ID before you open the eContent on all devices.

License terms may restrict the duration of your access, whether you can print any portion of the document and if so, how much you can print. The specific terms of each product’s license can differ based on the preferences of the author. DRM license terms are outlined in the product description of each DRM product on our website. This information will also be available after you’ve downloaded the product to your ADE library where you can right-hand click on the title of the document and choose "item info."

Most DRM protected materials are emailed to you in a link from ‘sales@actuarialbookstore.com’ shortly after confirmation of your order. So, please check any junk, spam or bulk folders in your email to be sure these messages are not misfiled upon delivery.

If the DRM file is part of a product hosted on our eLearning portal, you will need to login to your account at www.actuariabookstore.com/seminars, and enter the key you are emailed right after placing your order, in order to access all components of that material. DRM protected files on the eLearning portal have a brown book icon.

For whatever reason, these mail servers truncate the very lengthy urllink name/code required to download the material from the Adobe Content Server. If any portion of that link/code is missing or corrupted, the license cannot be downloaded.

As noted on the delivery email, anyone with Hotmail, MSN or live.com email addresses cannot just click on the link to download the URLlink correctly. Instead, please highlight the complete URLlink address (starting with UUID) that is written out in paragraph form in your email, then copy and paste that information into the address bar of your browser (NOT using Internet Explorer). The result should be that you download a file called URLlink.acsm

Internet Explorer is not compatible with DRM license technology. You will need to select another browser as your default browser or copy and paste the UUID link/code from the email into the address bar of a different browser for a successful download.

First, I would check the date you received your Digital Content download email with link to access this material. The link itself is only operational for 14 days. If the link expires, you will need to contact the bookstore to request a new link be sent. If the link is less than 13-14 days old, read on.

Assuming you aren’t using a Hotmail, MSN or live.com email address, it’s likely you have a firewall or virus protection that is preventing your server from communicating with the Adobe Content Server. Please see if you can access the following link, or if you receive an error: http://content.corporate-central.com:8080

If you receive an error, this would indicate that there are protections interfering with the communication between servers, which is necessary in this process. If you have the rights, please temporarily disable your firewall and virus protection. If you require the assistance of IT, please ask them to "unblock port 8080" temporarily so you can complete this process. If you do not have these options, you will not be able to use this device to download and read DRM protected files. You will need to utilize a different device.

The file name will default to URLlink.acsm; please make note of where that file is saved when it downloads to your device. On a laptop or desktop, it is likely to be found in your "downloads" folder unless you specified elsewhere.

  1. Make sure you aren’t using Internet Explorer as your browser.
  2. Confirm that you downloaded the link properly (using the alternate method for Hotmail, msn or live.com email addresses if you are having issues).
  3. Be sure that you are trying to open the link using Adobe Digital Editions or a compatible application (like DL Reader). Note: Adobe Reader, Adobe Pro or other standard PDF readers can NOT read DRM protected PDFs. Your system might be trying to open the .acsm file with your default PDF reader. Try locating the .acsm file, and right-hand-click the file, selecting "open with" and selecting "Adobe Digital Editions." If this does not work, try changing your computer’s default settings to open .acsm files with ADE by default. Finally, in case that does not seem to resolve the problem, select LIBRARY in the top navigation bar of ADE, choose "Add to Library" and navigate to the .acsm file on your computer.
  4. It may be as simple as the authorization of your ADE is corrupt. Go to the "Help" menu in the top navigation bar in ADE, and choose "Deauthorize Computer". Once it is deauthorized, please authorize computer again.
  5. If "Deauthorize computer" is not an option under the Help menu, try the shortcuts appropriate for your kind of device: FOR WINDOWS, Ctrl + Shift+ D. FOR MAC, Command + Shift + D6. If the shortcut doesn’t work, you will have to edit your registry keys. See Below.


Disclaimer: The following solution involves the Windows System Registry. Editing or manipulating the registry incorrectly can result in serious system damage, which may require reinstallation of the operating system. If you are not comfortable editing the registry then it's best to take your machine to a professional. If you choose to proceed it is essential to create a complete system backup and a Windows System Restore Point before proceeding. Adobe Systems cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from this information.

  1. Quit Adobe Digital Editions (if it is open).
  2. Click Start > Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then press Enter.
  3. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adept.
  4. Right-click the ADEPT key, and choose Delete.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  6. Quit the Registry Editor.
  7. Restart Adobe Digital Editions. You will be asked to re-authorize. Follow the authorization prompts. Be certain to use the correct Adobe ID and password to authorize.
  8. Reopen your books to be certain they do not show continued errors.


  1. Quit Adobe Digital Editions (if it is open).
  2. Delete this file:
  3. Drive/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions/activation.dat
  4. Restart Adobe Digital Editions. You will be asked to re-authorize. Follow the authorization prompts. Be certain to use the correct Adobe ID and password to authorize.
  5. Reopen your books to be certain they do not show continued errors.

Check to make sure the document license hasn’t expired. Go to the library menu in ADE, right hand click on the title and choose "item info". A pop-up window will outline the terms of your license. If it has expired, you will no longer have access. If it has NOT expired, it is likely you did not authorize your computer before downloading the digital content. Please contact the bookstore for their assistance.

All license terms are only valid if a) ADE software is authorized before downloading your digital content, b) you are printing from the first device you downloaded the eContent to, and c) you have not exceeded the number of printing attempts or pages that are allowed with your license. If a license reads "May print up to two copies", this means that you will have two opportunities to print total. Also, you may only print from the first device you used to open the digital content. If you print section 1 one day and section 2 on a later date, still within the active license period, you will not be able to print any more pages. "May print up to 2 copies," means you can print only twice, and can print a MAXIMUM of 1 copy of the document at each attempt.

You will need to reinstall Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it to the same Adobe ID you used initially. Then download the eContent from the link emailed to you. If your original download link has expired (valid for only 14 days from issue date), you will need to contact the bookstore to send you a new link.

DRM protected documents can be read on mobile devices that are connected to the internet/wi-fi, and permit the use of applications, like DL Reader by datalogics. Support devices can be found here (http://blogs.adobe.com/aemmobile/supported-devices). Follow these steps:

  1. Install DL Reader by Datalogics to your mobile device
  2. Open the application and select the "I" (information) icon, taking you to "Settings"
  3. Enter the Username (email address ) and password of your Adobe ID credentials, select Account Type as AdobeID and select Activate.
  4. Open the digital content email on your mobile device, and click on the link to download the .acsm file. , choosing to "open with" DL Reader.